Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much notice do I have to give for an order?

A: The earlier the better! Ideally we like to have at least six months notice for wedding cake orders, however some clients have booked us as soon as they have set their date! We will try our best to accommodate your request no matter how short notice but it will of course depend on our current workload and availability. We do tend to be particularly busy in the summer months and around Christmas time, so we advise booking early if you require a cake at this time.


Q: Can you make cakes for customers with special dietary requirements?

A: We have in the past made several gluten free cakes using gluten and wheat free flour. Our sponge and chocolate cakes do not contain nuts however they may contain nut traces and are prepared in an environment and with equipment where nuts are present. Our carrot and fruit cakes do (unless requested) contain nuts and alcohol. Should you have any other special dietary requirements, please do contact us and we will endeavour to assist.


Q: What is the shelf life of the cakes?

A: Sponge and chocolate cakes will stay fresh for a minimum of 5 days following delivery. Fruit cakes have a shelf life of several months


Q: A kind relative wants to make our wedding cake, but cannot decorate it.. would you be able to do that for us?

A: Unfortunately due to restrictions of our liability insurance we are unable to work with any cakes that haven't been made by us in our approved kitchen. We can provide decorations however such as figures and flowers.


Q: Are there any special storage and serving instructions?

A: Once you have taken delivery of your cake it is important to keep it stored in a cool dark environment, on a sturdy and supportive surface and out of reach of children and pets. Cakes should not be stored in a refridgerator as the moisture will severely damage the surface of iced cakes. There may be special serving instructions, such as removal of non-edible items on the cake e.g support dowells, floristry wires and ribbons, this will be advised to in your accompanying invoice on delivery. Cakes should be sliced in a grid fashion, as opposed to wedges, as this will yield more portions and also will give much neater slices.